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Neuro-Spinal Balancing

This 1-hour workshop is a fun way of learning about the focus of North Star Chiropractic. Learn about Neuro-Spinal Imbalance, how it interferes with your health and wellness, and what you can do about them. Please call for the current class schedule. (508) 336-8100. 

CALL: 508-336-8100

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North Star is a state of the art facility in a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere. Experience this unique type of chiropractic care unlike any other clinic.  With a specific, individual care plan designed specifically for you, Neuro-Spinal Balancing allows your body to holistically heal from within.

Most group health insurances are accepted. Most insurance policies are designed to help with the intensive portion of the care plan.  Please call our office to determine our participation in your particular insurance company's policy.

Those with a "Personal Injury" (due to auto collisions, slip & falls, etc.) or a work injury are also cared for here at North Star.

Dr. Wilson presents customizable workshops for your social group or business, depending on your needs. The overall take away of the many possible topics is how to avoid/mitigate stressors (physical, mental, and biochemical) that effect your long term wellness.

Some of the possible topics include Repetitive Motion's Overload, How Strong is Your Foundation, Stop the Headaches, The Optimal Wellness Journey, Healthy Baby, What is Neuro-Spinal Balancing, and more.

To schedule a workshop, please call (508) 336-8100.